Adventure Tours

Call or email us now for information about our exciting water based tours. You will enjoy sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, bike riding and hiking.

Our Tour Guides

All of our adventure activities are delivered by experienced, insured and licensed operators based in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Our adventure operators and co-owners of the Adriatic Tours business Rebecca Thomas and Corey Hawking oversee the tours and accompany you every day.

Rebecca and Corey dive, sail, raft and hike with you.They ski and snowboard alongside you and lead the way on the bike rides. They are there to assist you as much or as little as you like with the activities.

Rebecca and Corey are also the tour guides along with Peter and Justine on some of the tours. We will all ensure you have a wonderful holiday both on and off the snowfields and rivers, when you climb out of your kayak, when you need to be collected at the end of your windsurfing or kite surfing session and of course after the sails come down and you are looking forward to a seafood grill and glass of wine after a day on the beautiful Adriatic.

Corey and Rebecca are both experienced adventurers. Corey has been snowboarding for years, Rebecca is at home on the water whether paddling, diving or rafting and an experienced horse rider. They will both take scuba diving lessons during the Australian summer.

We believe that operating our adventure activities using a combination of local providers and our own guides offers you a superior, safer and more rewarding trip. You have a high level of support and personal service which for you means a more exciting adventure. It also means that we focus on your needs 24 hours a day and you will find that our accommodation, meals, social nights and other (not so adventurous) activities exceed your expectations.

The Activities and The Adventures

We offer tours focusing on the activities listed below, depending on the seasons and our clients’ requirements. We can tailor guided tours for as little as 2 people and as many as 16 people. Contact us to discuss your needs or choose one of our organised tours which includes a combination of activities.

Try sailing, sea kayaking, canoeing, canyoning, white water rafting, bike riding on the islands, windsurfing, diving, snorkelling, horse back trekking, donkey riding, slacklining, hiking, mountain bike riding, skiing, snowboarding, kite surfing and paragliding.

Diving in the Adriatic Sea is a wonderful experience off Croatia and Montenegro


Diving in the Adriatic Sea off the coast and around the hundreds of islands is not to be missed. Caves are a special feature as well as shipwrecks, underwater archaeological sites and a fascinating abundance of marine life.

Excellent visibility and crystal clear seas make for some spectacular underwater scenery and dives, particularly when the sun’s rays penetrate directly into caves creating some extraordinary light effects. Explore the Banjol cave including a stone tunnel near Rovinj in Istria or Odysseus’ cave on Mljet island in the South Dalmatian archipelago.

Legend says that Odysseus found shelter inside this beautiful cave when he was wandering far from Ancient Greece.

The Kornati group of islands are part of a National Park and are another favourite location for divers. The Kornati archipelago consists of 140 islands, islets and reefs and you will find steep walls, underwater caves, crevices and passages. Rasip Island is a haven. Shoals of fish of numerous species will greet you at 10 to 15 metres and coral reefs and sponges at 30 metres.

A diving trip in Croatia is a wonderful experience and you can leave from Trogir

We also offer diving trips to Montenegro. Exciting night dives are a feature. Kotor Bay (Boka Kotorska) is the deepest fjord in Southern Europe and one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Its deep waters are flanked by dramatic and spectacular mountains.

The bay stretches for 15 nautical miles or 28 kilometres and is dotted by numerous villages.

Sights for divers in the bay and off the coast of Montenegro include shipwrecks (old and new) including the passenger and freight ship Tihany which sank in 1908 and the military patrol ship Patrolac which sank in 1983.

The blue cavern (Plava Spilja) is quite spectacular and can be accessed from Herceg Novi.