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Tracking Manali on AIS

Where is Manali, where is she heading and why is she heading that way? 

We have been wondering whether fitting an AIS system on Manali was worth it.  What does it do? AIS means Automatic Identification System. It is a navigation system that tracks a vessel's true position, heading, even rudder angle.

Manali has an AIS 650 Class B transceiver, recommended and fitted by Ali Özgür Birbiri from Raymarine at the Marmaris marina.  Ali has been our 'man on the ground' for the past few months.  Indispensable in all respects.  Thank you Ali.

AIS allows Manali to see other boats and, importantly, other boats can see Manali - including the (very) large cargo boats and tankers.  The team on the boat can see who and what is in the vicinity. When the boat is within range of an AIS receiving station on land, the team at home in Australia (undertaking a little back seat navigation) can see Manali and wonder why she is dodging and weaving across the Aegean Sea.

AIS is a great system. 

Follow Manali on   Manali is a pink boat on the AIS system.  You will see her easily, a lone sailor manoeuvring among a medley of larger ships.

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