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Really truly happening

The trip from Turkey to Australia has finally reached the fair dinkum stage. Manali has been fitted with every possible bit of electronic equipment that we can fit on board, radios, several gps units, radar, autopilot steering, navigational equipment and solar equipment to power the whole thing. Manali has had antifouling paint applied to the hull and by all reports from our maintenance crew in Marmaris she looks really good. The Marmaris boys send regular updates with photos along with requests for money. These men have been fantastic to work with although they don't mind a drink when we have the occasional meeting on site to discuss the work. The preferred tipple is the local Raki accompanied by a very nice local goat cheese, all goes down really well. Very handy for our team who don't mind immersing themselves in the local traditions and sampling the product. We have been extremely lucky to have an engineer by the name of Ali (90% of male Turks are called Ali) assist with coordination of the project. Ali has made our project very stress free and his knowledge and advice has been invaluable.
The sailing crew are currently making their way to Marmaris, Alastair (skipper) left Australia on Monday and is going via Milan, Italy, presumably to buy the latest fashions. Alastair will then spend a short time in Istanbul and then to Marmaris. John Crawford (1st mate) left today and will travel via Rome and arrive at Marmaris on Tuesday or thereabouts, Peter, (co-owner) leaves Friday and going pretty well direct and arriving Monday and Stuart (assistant skipper) arrives from England on Tuesday next week. Justine (co-owner) and funding manager has unfortunately had to miss the first section of the trip due to work commitments. Justine will join the crew a little later, possibly in Spain.

- Peter

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