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North to Kefalonia via the Calypso Deep

Where is Manali?  Twenty four hours after leaving Crete, she is still in the Aegean Sea travelling north west towards the beautiful island of Kefalonia (Cephalonia) in the Ionian Sea.  After sailing 130 nautical miles, Manali's mariners, deckhands, bosuns, Jack Tars, rear admirals, seadogs and skippers (all four of them) are just south of the Greek island of Kythera.  Late Saturday afternoon Manali time, they will sail in the vicinity of Calypso Deep, the deepest part of the Mediterranean Sea, with a maximum depth of 5,267 metres or 17,280 feet.  What is happening aboard? Not a lot. A quick satellite phone link reports that the galley has produced a classic Cretan stew comprising onions from Crete, tomatoes from Crete and a chook ... from Crete.

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