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Delicious anchovies in Croatia

How do you like your anchovies - salted, marinated or white?  The UNESCO listed town of Trogir on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia provides visitors with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy anchovies. Most restaurants in Trogir offer inĨuni (pronounced in choo nee) and these tasty little fish are a great starter to a meal.  Anchovies in Trogir are often served with olive oil produced by the residents of Trogir and locally grown capers and red onion. Order a selection of anchovies which are beautifully arranged on the plate and provide you with a varied taste of pickled, cured and fresh fish. Adriatic Cottages loves the anchovies at Konoba TRS where owner Toma sources his anchovies from a nearby but secret location in the Adriatic Sea.

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