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Croatian Guiness World Record


Did you know that the Guinness world record smallest town in the world is situated in Istria, Croatia?

It is called Hum and has only 23 inhabitants.

Hum is located 7km from Roč, 14km southeast of Buzet on a hill above the Mirna Valley. This small fortified habitation has maintained all the features of medieval urban architecture and organisation.

Along the road from Roč to Hum is ‘The Glagolitic Avenue’ a memorial avenue of eleven sculptures, created by Zelimir Janes and Josip Bratulic in 1977.

It is dedicated to the history of the Glagolitic alphabet, the first alphabet to be used for Slavonic manuscripts.

The Glagolitic alphabet was suited to match the specific features of the Slavic language. It was devised by Byzantine Greek Saints, Cyril and Methodius, in the year 863.

Its descendant alphabet, the Cyrillic Alphabet, is still used by many languages today.

Following this route by foot or on a bicycle is a great way to learn something about Croatian culture and see a bit of the beautiful Istrian countryside.

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