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Cold in the Ionian Sea

12.20pm Greece 7.20pm Australia, Saturday 20 April 2013

N 37°00’58.53″ E 021°15’23.34″

Manali is dawdling south east of the Greek islands of Strofades in the Ionian Sea. Our man on watch was not keen to disclose the boat's co-ordinates until the Melbourne football scores were disclosed for the crew's information (!) Gone are the memories of 28 knots around Crete. Gone are the light breezes. Manali is making gentle progress with some light southerly air movement. Still at least 60 nautical miles from their destination of Kefalonia, Manali and the team will arrive at their next marina sometime on Sunday. It’s bitter up on deck and Peter’s fur lined Kazakh Hat, courtesy of the Kazakhstan dealer at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, has proved a winner.

The blog awaits photos and seafaring observations from Manali.

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